What else is there?

The internet is a major part of my life. It has become so involved that I don’t always notice my frequent activities on it.  It does make me wonder how visible I am online and the information on me that is available to others.  Even though I don’t use many of my accounts anymore I do believe I kept most of them active in case I returned to them later in life.

Online I have these accounts: Hotmail, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, Runescape, Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Amazon, Banking, WhatsApp, Sound cloud and Blackboard.

The accounts I use most regularly are Hotmail, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and, now that I’m a student, Online Banking and Blackboard. The other account I still use but less frequently. Some of these accounts will have more information on me than others due to my visibility and regular use.

The accounts that hold the most information about me are probably my Email accounts as names, date of birth, residence contact information and more are needed to create the account. Also email links the computer to all other online accounts and therefore holds the most information on the user. The only information I have given out to others is my email address of communication purposes.

Amazon and Banking are other online accounts holding important information about me. These accounts deal with my finances and hold information such as bank details as well as money that comes and leaves my account. The Banking also holds my name, dob, contact detail etc. similarly to email. The Amazon account also holds information on what I buy and knows my location, hobbies and interests based on my account activities. This information should only be available to my account though amazon/product provider does know my account name, what I’m buying and where to deliver it.

Facebook is definitely an account that holds a lot of information about my life. It is my favourite social networking account and I have had it for many years. Facebook constantly asks me to upload more personal information and even though I rarely do it still knows a lot about me. It holds my name, phone number, email, housing location, past schools I’ve gone to, timeline holding the order of my life, photos of what I look like, music/films/books/people/movements/events that I like, my family and the majority of my friends and people I’m acquainted with. Facebook has a huge amount of information on its users and the majority of this information is available to my friends. However, most of this information is under the users control as I can limit what others see about me by removing, blocking and editing my information. Although I do believe once information has been uploaded it is stored somewhere by others on the internet.

Overall I believe Facebook holds the most detailed information on me and millions of others. However, my online activity on all my account does say a lot me when you look at how the internet can be used.

How much does the internet know about you? You should check and find out.



  1. I don’t know why but I feel more comfortable with sharing my personal stuff / bank details online via Internet Banking, rather than sharing my phone number on Facebook – if that makes sense. Facebook knows too much -as I said in my blog post – even if you don’t want it to know stuff.


  2. Before last week, I also would have said that the website with the most information about me would be Facebook, mostly because I’ve had a Facebook account for much longer than I’ve had my other online accounts. I’m pretty sure you can still find pictures of me from the 8th grade on my Facebook page, which is kind of scary! But after last week’s lecture, I actually made sure to change my privacy settings and remove some information from my profile because I realized how easy it can be for others to find out about your entire life if they want to/have the time.


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