Ashley Madison – the scandal

If you haven’t heard of Ashley Madison the tagline speaks for itself “Life is short. Have an affair”. It is also sometimes referred to as the google of cheating. This website was founded in 2002 by Avid Media and was targeted to people in a relationship or better yet marriages but still wanting to date. How romantic.

There are 3 types of paid memberships; introductory, elite and affair guaranteed, these ranging from $39-179. The idea of making it secretive and easy for men and women to cheat on their boy/girlfriends and husbands/wives is crazy.

The website is copyrighted to keep all data and information private however in August this year hackers leaked information on 37 million clients active on this paid website. As you can imagine this caused huge upset in terms of relationships but also of the security of websites, websites that you pay to use.

I do not agree with the websites goals and i do think they got what they deserved (the members) but the breach of leaking data has a huge effect of the way we view the online community. I believe we put so much trust in putting private information online that it can come round to bite us in the ass. Hackers are a huge issue and especially if you are paying to use a website you expect the information on their to be kept private. I think this is a great example of data breach and copyright laws in keeping peoples information private. Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 21.34.50.png


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