Fuller House


Fuller House, which is an American comedy programme, is the one of the examples that you cannot access the content unless you sign up Netflix.

If the content were shared under a Creative Commons licence, it would be at least downloaded or shared with someone with creators’ credit (Creative Commons, no date). If it were under the attribution licence, which is “the most accommodating” licence according to Creative Commons (no date), it would “distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon” creators’ works with creators’ credit for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

First of all, some people who just want to see Fuller House would cancel the contracts even if the content were under “the most restrictive” licence, namely Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licence because they might see it for free. This might cause financial damage to Netflix to some extent. However, I personally think once people start to watch films and shows on Netflix, they would encounter many interesting contents, so I do not think “the most restrictive” license would cause a great deal of financial damage to Netflix.

Secondly, it might be difficult for original creators to know who uses their contents and gets the profits from them under some Creative Commons licences, including “the most accommodating licence (Fabio, 2009).  Although Creative Commons prohibits “harming others (Creative Commons, 2014),” those licences might allow someone to create unpleasant contents from the original works without realising.

To sum up, if Fuller House were under a Creative Commons licence, some people would cancel Netflix accounts but this might not make major influence on Netflix financially. In addition, there is a possibility that some disagreeable works are recreated under the licence.






  1. I also wrote my post about Netflix, and while I agree that one show leaving the site won’t really affect them that much, if more and more do then people will chose to cancel their accounts. You get lists every month things that leave Netflix and I wonder how long it will take before the company starts to worry about people leaving.

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  2. I agree that people will want to cancel their subscription if they want to watch ‘Fuller House’ and it was accessible without paying. I done my post on Netflix and I feel if certain shows started being taken down then this would defiantly effect the business as nothing would be exclusive to Netflix.

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