Taylor Swift is the copyright

Well, as you may understand from the title of this blog post, Taylor Swift is the copyright. What do I mean? The queen of pop with her multi platinum 1989 copyrighted every song and it’s today still impossible to find a clean version of any song on YouTube or any other illegal website (example? Wildest Dreams lyrics version – It’s actually a cover).


Taylor and her legal team are so strict with whatever she “creates” that she unveiled in an interview with Jimmy Fallon before the 1989 came out “I am so scared the album will leak that I am the only one who owns it at the moment, my label or family don’t have it, I hate this pressure and it’s making me obsessed”.

You can’t have Taylor Swift if you don’t … pay.

Taylor Swift has also decided to remove her discography off Spotify because it’s technically free, as explained on this article published on Rolling Stone. The artist later decide to upload her discography on Apple Music only after she wrote a letter to Apple where she claimed artists should get paid during the 3-month trial as previously stated in the company’s policy. Eventually Apple changed its terms and conditions and so did Taylor.

Well, if you know your name is Taylor Swift you know you’re allowed to change the world and make everyone pay for whatever you want to do. And we will pay, it’s Taylor Swift, the queen of copyright.

PS. Taylor recently copyrighted her image, that means you cannot take photographs during her gig (if you’re a photographer) – no photograph pit exists at her gigs anymore.



  1. A lot of people think Taylor’s actions are complete overkill, and stop people from listening to her music. Also a lot of people criticised her because they say she doesn’t need the money, however she claimed to stand up to Apple for the sake of smaller artists who do need the money. I think her copyright choices are very interesting and a tad confusing, but maybe set the example for other artists in the future


  2. I found Taylor Swift’s battles with copy right really interesting, it just seems crazy to me that she wants even more money!
    With her letter to Apple Music she claimed she was fighting the cause for the lesser known artists, that they need to get their money from somewhere – this idea is ridiculous! Lesser known artists want to get onto Apple Music and Spotify so that people find out who they are, grown to love them, and then pay to go see them!
    Taylor is just fighting another battle to get the rich richer.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your post as it’s something that I can really understand and relate to. I struggle finding original songs by artists and not covers on Youtube, some artists are really cracking down on the copyright situation. It’s so easy to download music, In my opinion, I don’t think Taylor Swift does entirely to earn more money but more because it’s her own work and for someone to download it for free is cheap.

    I think this because I share my photography on Facebook and if I didn’t watermark my photos with my name, Facebook could use them since any picture or video you upload is copyright and owned by Facebook. I feel like Taylor does it for the same reasons I copyright my work as it’s mine.


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