Apple Music

Similar to Spotify, in 2015 Apple introduced their own music platform – Apple Music. Using a monthly subscription, the platform gives us an access  to an infinite music database. What I like about it is that every day Apple introduces us to different playlists, based on our preferences. For example one of my favourite days is when they offer me to listen to “The best of the 80’s rock or Queen Deep Cuts”. The other part I like about Apple Music is that every song, album or artist are arranged by genre, artwork is included, plus the year of the album. My point is that it is user-friendly.

What is important about this type of streaming is that you pay for the advantage to listen to music wherever you are. Moreover, you are certain that you are paying for legal, copyright and original content. This way artist gain both audience and keep their popularity, as well as money. Nowadays illegal streaming and downloading is common and it can be argued that people prefer to do it, without considering the importance and influence of copywriting on artists. When we are given the opportunity to listen to quality music AND prevent artists from losing money and popularity, why not do it? For 10 pounds a month, we help 10 thousand people, don’t you think ?


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  1. I totally agree with you. I personally use Spotify because not only the music quality is much better, but I know I support my favourite artists. It would be quite hard to imagine that some of out favourite artists would stop making music just because they don’t make profit anymore, even though they are still loved.


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