Copy right follows us

Copy right is something we will all have to deal with at some point in our media lives, so it’s important to fully understand it. As a television student I need to know the right way to deal with music, there are lots of copy right limitations when dealing with music in your production. For instance with modern music you have to go through getting permission to use it, however if the creator of the music has died and 70 years has passed that piece becomes part of the public domain (owned by the public) – this is very apparent when certain songs are more popularly used in films because the copy right on it has just expired.
Copy right is excellent for the creator of a product, but can cause big issues for people wanting to use the material. It creates boundaries so people can own their work and receive all money it may get from it, a big advantage for when people want to copy their idea. Disadvantages are for the people that may want to use it, for example using music in a show, if the correct procedures are not taken then you could have a legal battle on your hands. This is also why YouTube tend to not let people but up music videos without the correct copy right, they could face a serious legal complications.


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  1. It’s such a tough debate, because of course people should be rewarded for their work, particularly if we want them to be able to continue producing things like art, yet we want access to all of it as well. I think ultimately copyright is really important, and it would be better for society if copyright got stricter rather than more lax. I’m sure most of us would agree with the inherent values of copyright, but would protest if we had to start paying for everything we wanted to see/use/appropriate!


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