Copyright can hinder instruction


I decided today to expose Italian university situation about instruction and online copyrighted books.

Italian universities are not like the English ones, I dare to say it is a diametrically polar opposed situation. Italian universities do provide students digital and hard copies used in the courses they study in.

Students are meant to buy physical and online resources thus this can trigger a negative downward spiral, leading people not to enroll at university as a result of the massive cost they have to face. The result of this policy can be clearly evaluated as high school students enrollment percentage dropped from 80% in 2002, reaching 60% in 2014.

Italian editors exploit this system and publishing university books is a clear way to keep a predominant monopolistic position and produce massive revenue for themselves.

The most evident example of this negative structure is Medicine university online resources. Over 6 years future medics should pay an amount of money ranging from 7000€ to 8500€ only to access online texts.

This is a case of copyright exploitation that is only beneficial to a powerful minority hindering majority’s educational chances.

If Italian copyright laws were less strict about online publications probably accessing to university instruction would be more widespread and democratic as people would have the chance to access these fundamental and fostering resources.

On the other hand, publisher would refuse to forsake this hefty revenue not publishing university texts anymore.



  1. I can’t believe the costs a medical student should pay! It is expensive to study Medicine in my own country, too, but this is ridiculous! They are basically making people unable to study Medicine which is crucial in every country. I think you are absolutely right, there are some copyright laws which should definitely be changed, in order to encourage people into studying Medicine.


  2. Hey! I didn’t know that this is the way it works in Italian universities. I would say that the cost is too high and it does seems like exploitation to me. This may even discourage young people from doing their education, but doesn’t the country need educated citizens in the future?


  3. The reason why I decided to study in the UK is mainly because university in my country (Italy) is messed up. I come from the south and to be honest, I couldn’t even study journalism cause where I live – university doesn’t have a journalism course, nor a media faculty -so no films or art and disegn. As for money, it is absolutely not worth it. And on top of that, they don’t even have graduation shows and parties when people graduate. They spend thousands of money, they spend days and nights on books. What for?


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