How Sound Cloud makes it work

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform.” It allows users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally created sounds. It is not easy to steal someone else’s work-Sound Cloud allows you to track the activity of the sounds that you’ve created. The platform gives you to choose a license for you track to protect your content. It can either be All Rights Reserved, or available through Creative Commons. “Copyright” section briefly describes what both of the licenses are, which is of help for the ones who have met with these terms for the first time. Users can also easily report copyright infringement through the site.

In my opinion, the creator of content should be responsible for his/her content. But, as a platform that allows sharing the tracks it is great that Sound Cloud educates users on the protection of their tracks. On the other hand it allows freedom to choose which license is more suitable for their content.

I think that strict copyright control would limit the interaction between the users, but this interaction is essential to bring creativity and get inspired, especially in music. For the upcoming musicians Creative Commons gives opportunity to perhaps find the “partner in crime”, or get noticed, or just get someone to hear their “creation”. However, in some cases copyright is vital, otherwise all the efforts can be stolen and then found under someone else’s name, which is hurtful.


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  1. I think SoundCloud is a great example of copyright and creative commons license under a platform that offers its users free access and creative choice. Similar to YouTube, SoundCloud offers its users the choice to chose what license they want on their uploads. I agree this freedom offers its users the ability to connect by resharing and spreading content through the site. SoundCloud is a platform to share and form relationships, so the lenient copyright restrictions allow users to still form a connection with others. This is also seen on YouTube, when people reshare videos and content into their own videos so content can be talked about and spread through the platform. However, this lenient form of license and copyright could cause issues if people take advantage of it. People could share videos and steal content in the wrong way, and the original creator could not have any control of it since SoundCloud cannot mediate it. Therefore, there are both pros and cons to this type of sharing platform when creative common licenses are more open and lenient.


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