iBooks is an app which was introduced by Apple for the iOS system. At first, you had to download the app in order to use it, however when the iOS 8 was released, iBooks became part of it. After the first release in 2010, iBooks has now got a third version. You can read the text in 18 different languages and the app allows you to adjust the font and the size of the text to your preferences. I really like how you can select a word that you don’t really understand and the app will provide you with a brief description. You can do much more than with a regular print copy and access it on the go wherever you are that’s why it has been such a popular app.

In order to be able to fully access a book you have to purchase it the same way as you would pay for an app in the App Store. As well as music artists, authors need to be supported in their work. If we don’t contribute in paying for legal content, those authors will lose their popularity, as well as money and they might even be forced to stop publishing their work.



  1. I absolutely agree with your point! We need to support authors, actors, musicians, etc. if we want to continue enjoy their talents. If we just think for a moment how time consuming and hard it is to write a book, for example, we may think twice whether we want to encourage those talented people to continue their work. I have never used this app, but I think it is a great source and a way of communication between authors and the readers.


  2. It’s good that you mention iBooks as I believe it’s usually overlooked by Apple lovers. You are right it is a pretty good app i use to believe that it could only work with eBooks but now it can also hold AudioBooks and even PDFs. This surprisingly is a useful for University Students as they can collect their academic readings in many different forms and view it on the go as most people own a smartphone these days anyway.

    I also like its similar layout to Apple iTunes app. iBooks allows its users the discover popular books similar to how iTunes presents its online shop. This makes it easy to use and again copyright on books should be completed correctly.


  3. I have completely forgotten about iBooks, thank you for reminding me of that perfect example. I definitely agree it is one of the best services in which you pay for the work of the authors and enjoy their product at the same time. I believe it is crucial for the creativity and motivation of the artists and authors to keep their copyrights safe and respected. Don’t you agree?


  4. Thank you for posting an interesting blog. I agree to some extent with the idea that “authors will lose their popularity, as well as money and they might even be forced to stop publishing their work” if people didn’t pay for their works. After I read your post, I was thinking the following.

    1. If authors have already been famous and we don’t pay for their works, will they lose their popularity?
    2. What do you think of J. K. Rowling’s new works which can be read for free? She’s already famous and doesn’t seem to stop publishing.


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