Is it just up to us?


The first thing that came to my mind when I read this week’s topic is a website called I am from Bulgaria and we use Zamunda to download movies, TV series, music, etc. Downloading this content is legal in my country and when I first came here I thought I would have to say some movies goodbye.

However, I found out that there is a variety of ways to watch movies online in the UK, without breaking the law. You may think I would say that making downloads illegal is pointless. Well, it is not. The music and movie production in my country is dying. People do not care about artist’s work; they do not respect what artists do for them. I know many talented and hardworking people who gave up their dreams of becoming actors or singers, just because it is so badly paid. Yes, it may be similar in the UK. We may say that people do not respect artists’ right here, but at least the country respects them. And at the end of the day, this turns out to be crucial.



  1. Your blog post definitely gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn something about the copyright regulation in Bulgaria. I like learning other countries’ systems and would like to know more about your country’s system by asking the questions below.

    1. Why is downloading the contents from Zamunda legal in your country? Is it because they are under a Creative Commons license?
    2. Do you think something will change if Zamunda disappeared?

    Thank you for posting such a interesting blog. It expanded my horizon.


    • No, it’s not under CC license. The website works as different users record and upload different movies TV series or music, without the permission of the artist.
      I think there would be a change for a while, but we have more websites like which is similar or which is like youtube and people upload the same content there, too. So, they would star using them more. I think what should change is the understanding of the people for how much efford is put in the creative work they do NOT pay for! Thanks for liking my post, by the way I hope I really helped!

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    • To be honnest it’s not just the lack of regulation. It is absolitely a huge percentage of the problem, but the thing is that Bulgatia is a small country and there a very few people who hold the market and have such a strong presence that many young people do not have the chance to develop themselves. However, if these regulations are changed it would be at least a bit helpful, I am sure.


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