Jenner vs Minogue


Something that I found really interesting with copyright is the ability to copyright a person’s name when it is associated to a business or has the ability to damage an individual’s reputation if used in the wrong way. Recently, Kylie Jenner has been battling to copyright the name ‘Kylie’. However Kylie Minogue, an Australian pop icon, is fighting Jenner for the rights. When I first heard about this I thought it was ridiculous for Jenner to think she could copyright her first name, but looking further into copyright of names people like Sting and Steve Borden have their names under copyright law. If Jenner’s name, ‘Kylie’, represents her entire brand (which consists of clothing, makeup, accessories etc) should she not be able to copyright it the same way other brands such as ‘Prada’ and ‘Chanel’ have? Minogue’s argument, and rightly so I think, is that she has been associated with the name Kylie for far longer than Jenner, and has her own empire and brand tied to that name that supersedes Jenner’s. I can’t believe that people are so protective these days, and so afraid of having their reputation tainted, that even a rather common first name could be copyrighted.



  1. I think what you wrote about is very interesting, I haven’t heard about this battle before. I think what Kyle Minogue claims is true, and a young girl who showed up a few years ago shouldn’t be able to own this name when a pop icon has been connected to it for decades. I’m curios and excited to see what happens.


  2. I must disagree. I think it is absolutely absurd that people would even go to this extreme level. Copyright or trademark your name, seriously? Kylie Jenner did not change her name, or pick her name, or probably ever thought that could happen. And Kylie Minogue, I assume, had way more success and acknowledgment for her talent and it is unnecessary thing to drag your name into. I think it isn’t equal or fair fight.


  3. I think that Kylie’s actions are sort of indicative of how people are starting to present themselves less as individuals and more, as you mentioned, like brands (especially online). I’m surprised that Sting has tried to trademark his name because he doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who feels the need to “brand” himself. The Kardashian name has always felt more like a brand to me than anything else, however, so Kylie’s decision does not surprise me. Though I disagree with Kylie, I also would not be surprised if she does, in fact, end up successfully trademarking her name – just because of how big of an icon she has become. What do you think?


  4. I’ve never associated copyright and people’s names but your post was very interesting and has made me think twice. I have also heard about the legal battle between Jenner and Minogue and thought it was a little outrageous. I understand that Jenner wants to brand her cosmetics, retail etc but Minogue has been around much longer and is a pop culture icon and has been well known for many years compared to the Kardashians that hit the scene in 2007. I don’t know how they will solve this case as I feel both have strong argument with good points, I feel like with copyright laws already made for Minogue name, it’s almost like a first come, first served.


  5. This is an extreme level… Is it possible to copyright a name that is quite popular, I dare to say. Kylie Jenner was given her name by her parents, so I reckon it is not something related to her creative skills. It’s not linked to popularity and about who came first under the limelight, it’s just insane that a person wants to copyright a relatively common name.


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