Largest (and most unreliable) encyclopedia

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It consists of a wide variety of people contributing and creating content. It is regularly updated and has on average 400 million visitors each month. Wikipedia has a creative commons license. This is why people are able to edit any article that is on Wikipedia. There are many advantages that it’s under the creative commons. One of the reasons Wikipedia is so popular is for the very reason that they give us as users the platform to publish an article, thereby informing others of something which we may be knowledgeable in. In addition to this, Wikipedia is regularly updated therefore unlike an actual encyclopedia book, on Wikipedia we may see a new article every day. There are however clear disadvantages to this creative license. Anyone can create an article and so nothing on Wikipedia can be deemed reliable. Furthermore, on an academic essay, Wikipedia is not seen as a viable reference and so that raises the question, if Wikipedia wasn’t under the creative commons license would it be seen as more reliable? It may be so, however although Wikipedia is not always reliable, it is a good way to introduce you to new topics which you can then study independently. And we wouldn’t have been introduced to the topic if not for the wide range of users.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and I reckon that if Wikipedia wasn’t under the creative commons license then it would be seen as more reliable because no-one would be able to add information into articles that may not be true. However like you mentioned Wikipedia is a good starting base to get a basic idea of something and then research further into it but if the license changed then it may be different.

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