Netflix is a global streaming movies and TV series provider. It started as an American DVD mail service but moved online in 2007 and is now streaming to 109 countries with 75 million subscribers. Although you get a free month trial after that has ended then you have to pay a monthly fee for the content. There are 3 different packages available which are: basic (£5,99), standard (£7.49) and premium (£8.99).

If Netflix were under a Creative Commons licence then everyone would be able to access the content shown. Netflix are the original distributers of the TV series ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘Orange Is The New Black’ also ‘Making A Murderer’. No one else can watch these items if they do not pay for the subscription so if the Creative Commons licence was to happen then things like this wouldn’t be so specific and exclusive to Netflix.

The public would have more access to items they want to watch without any limitations which would shut companies down such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc because they would not generate any money as everyone would be able to access things for free.

Do you think we should be able to access movies and TV series for free?



  1. It’s pretty interesting how all of the shows on Netflix can actually be found for free on various websites online, yet people are still willing to pay to subscribe for Netflix. I think it’s a good thing that people are still willing to pay, because these companies actually provide funding for some of the shows that we love. We need paid services so that the entertainment business doesn’t go out of business by everyone downloading illegally, however it would be great if there was something paid users got that others didn’t. If I can download everything that paid subscribers see then why would I bother? It would be great if somehow they could actually control more of the content. Mind you, if this actually happened I’d be complaining that I can no longer download all my shoes for free!

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  2. I agree with the previous commenter. It is so easy to download or access these shows online its quite surprising that people are still subscribing to websites that aren’t for free. I think the reason of this is that they are always working, they are fast and convenient, and, most importantly, they ask for a reasonable amount of money. This is key in my opinion. If they asked for the price of a DVD per movie, for example, I believe, the number of subscribers would markedly fall.

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