Netflix is a very well-known website that people tune into to watch movies and programme that are available on this website. There is  a phrase that is used amongst young people, which is ‘netflix and chill’. This is also used as subliminal message which I am sure you know about and if not search and you will find out.

However I am not here to talk about Netflix. There are various websites similar to this. One of them is a site called ‘MUBI, which is described that ‘a subscription to  MUBI is a passport to the world of cinema’.  Around 200 countries around the world have access to this website, and if you pay the fee of £3 you’ll be entitled to movies suggested by film experts everyday, where you a given a month to watch them. This is available on many devices such as; PC, Mac, Android, Sony BRAVIA, iPad/iPhone, Playstation, and Samsung Smart TV in  the United Kingdom. However a huge advantage to this website is that gives you a free trial for a month. An advantage of copyright with this website, is that it guarantees it’s viewers good quality movies rather than taking the risk of using an illegal movie that may not be in good quality, plus the subscription fee is a reasonable price.

In addition copyright is essential because as less people are becoming more active online the enjoyment of film should still be paid for as  buying DVDS to watch movies are becoming less common, which could cause film industries to loose money resulting in not having enough funds to create more good movies. What do you think?


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