Share or don’t share?

Being a part of social media nowadays implies that we have to use some personal information at times. It can be compulsory – when we register an account and give our e-mail adressess or it can be optional – hometown, postcode, date of birth etc. Are we really in control of the personal data we share or the platforms already know everything about us?

Personally, my preferred social media platform is Facebook. I like it because it is easy to use and it unites people from all over the globe. That being said, I believe people are keen on sharing many personal data with their  friends without thinking it through. On Facebook I share what can be appointed as basic information such as my name, hometown and birthday. I don’t consider this to be private information, because it helps other people to connect and find you. Other information such as adress, e-mail, political views, family members can be at times “dangerous”, because you don’t know who you are sharing it with. Though we put on the lock and other people don’t see it, it can be argued that Facebook itself already know enough. What I share on my timeline is visible only for people who are on my friends list. Sometimes when I am doing a project, written an article or involved in some public activity, I “unlock” my posts so that everyone can see and share it.

Sharing personal data on the Internet (not only social media) is dangerous nowadays. Hacking, misrepresentation, identity theft are common these days. It is crucial for us to keep our private information to ourselves. Share songs, not addresses.


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