Torrent? My Thoughts On Downloading Music and Movies

As we all know, downloading most movies and music for completely free is illegal, however, it is quite simple. Downloading content using torrent is very easy and, even though most people are aware that there are laws that forbid it, it is very common as well. Needless to say, if it wasn’t illegal even more people would do it which would lead to the number of the people who pay for what they watch or what they listen to to decrease. Thus, I believe, it is important not to allow people to access this type of content for free because making this type of content cost others a lot time and money. I believe, people should pay for enjoying movies and music, especially now that we don’t need to buy CDs or DVDs because there are cheap and convenient ways to access what we want to see or hear. In my opinion, using, for example, Spotify and Netflix is even easier than downloading music or movies, it is faster and, most importantly, legal. These platforms offer the opportunity to access what most people turn to torrent for and offer it for a reasonable price. I also find it very interesting how different countries regulate downloading differently. For example, I think its quite surprising that the consequences of downloading an American movie can differ in two European countries. What are your thoughts about this? How do you watch movies, listen to music?



  1. I definitely agree with your ideas and what you have written. I totally support the idea of paying small fees in order to get good quality products right at our doorstep. When we are given the opportunity not to buy, rather than “rent” and also help those artists, actors and companies, why not? Of course many people prefer the illegal way, but I still believe there are decent fans of copywriting.


  2. I use Torrent. I also use Netflix. Movie industry is something that probably will never disappear from our daily life. I do believe that we should be given some flexibility. If I want to see a movie on the cinema – I will buy a ticket. If I want to watch a quick documentary/movie/video/show or anything else – it should be available to access fast and easy. In that case I will use Torrent.
    I do respect movie industry, but on the other hand, why would I pay for something if it is factually free?


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