YouTube-Free Platform with Copyrighted Videos

YouTube is an online platform that allows its users free access to view and post any type of video .  Users do not need to pay or sign up in order to have access to videos. However, in order to post videos they must have an online account.  Because of the freedom YouTube has with their video content, there has been a lot of issues with copyright material, such as music in people’s videos, tv programs, video games and more.  YouTube allows users to copyright their own material under these circumstances: “In order to be eligible for copyright protection, a work must be both creative and fixed in a tangible medium. Names and titles are not, by themselves, subject to copyright.” Because of the free access of YouTube, users have found it hard to distinguish what is copyrighted and what is not.  YouTube is not able to mediate ownership rights disputes. They are only allowed to take down content if the law requires and someone informs the site. Therefore, copyright material is really left up to the audience.  YouTube is such a vast network of unlimited videos that sometimes it is hard to even know if someone is using your own creative content. However, YouTube also allows its viewers the ability to upload their video under Creative Commons license. YouTube allows users to “mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license. These videos are then accessible to YouTube users for use, even commercially, in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor.”

This Creative Commons license only allows users with a good standing account the ability to mark their videos this way. By marking your video, you allow the whole YouTube ability to re-use your own content. However, the power of the user to mark their own content this way could lead to problems with copyright material. I found a blog post that talked about why she is giving up using Creative Commons on YouTube. The blogger wrote that she used the Creative Commons license on her video, but another user shared her video in an inaccurate, misleading way. He reposted her video and marked it under the wrong year and he monetized her video, which she did not want to do for her original video. She complains that also there is nothing she can do about it. She states that “CC BY means that a user can do whatever they want with it, just as long as they give proper attribution to the creator.” Thus, YouTube’s creative commons license causes problems because it allows too much freedom to its users to reuse content in their own way, ultimately leading to using it the wrong way by recreating it and abusing the original content. Therefore, in this case it may be reasonable to have stricter copyright and Creative Common license requirements so that users feel like their content is protected online.

Link to YouTube CC BY information: CLICK HERE

Link to the Blog Post about Creative Common License: CLICK HERE



  1. I had no idea that YouTube allows users to upload videos under a Creative Commons license, so this is interesting to hear. I also didn’t know that YouTube cannot remove a video from its website unless someone complains/informs them that the video should be taken down. Normally I think that placing a work under a Creative Commons license is largely beneficial to all parties involved – more creative freedom is allowed. On YouTube, however, where there is so much content and no easy way to track down where a piece of content originally came from, using a Creative Commons license can, as you explained, be quite risky.


  2. I found your blogpost very interesting because it brought new information about the implications of copyright and the creative common license in relation to Youtube. Even though it is one of the free platforms and that has had a great success, not many people know the implication of uploading videos and their rights on the content they produce.
    Also i think a big influence on copyright on youtube was the VEVO channel.


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