Internet Vs Playground

66139845.FLWA87iq.ScaryPlaygroundBW.jpgIn the first weeks topic ‘The Internet And Now’, we compared the internet to a playground which I found really intriguing. The fact that there are two sides to the playground; positive and negative.

On one hand the Internet is positive, just like a playground we can develop our social skills as on the Internet we are constantly interacting with others. We can also improve our knowledge on the Internet by researching content and exploring the web whereas on a playground you can improve your knowledge by learning how to explore the different obstacles etc. Online we have instant access as by the click of a button we can find things out, socialise or express our opinions.

However a playground and the Internet have a negative side to them. One of the many: there are no rules, in a playground children can hurt themselves or get in fights as there is no supervision or rules to follow and it is the same with the Internet. Individuals can post horrible things online and do whatever they like because there is nothing to stop them. The Internet is very unsupervised and so can a playground be which is not good because children could get hurt. Also online children may go on content that is not appropriate for them under no supervision which may upset or effect them in some way. Even though I mentioned instant access is positive it can also be looked upon as a negative due to children being able to look at content so easily that is not suitable fro them e.g gaming sites, pornography etc.

Overall this argument really interested me and made me realise we can compare it to different things which made me think about the Internet in a whole new way.



  1. I think there is always going to be a debate over the internet good VS evil, and it’s interesting to look on both sides.
    The Internet being like a playground is a weird comparison, it gives an impression that we are all just children playing, rather than using the internet sensibly – I know we all look a memes and laugh at videos on facebook, but what I like best about the internet is finding all the information I may need at the drop of at hat. Something a child would never need to do.

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  2. Definitely agree when you said that the Internet is kind of like a window to creativity. It is! Look at those rich and famous vloggers, they would be no one without the YouTube now, and so Internet. If you’re in a band you post your stuff on the Internet. How’s Justin Bieber become the most famous singer in the world today? Internet.

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