The antisocial debate

I enjoyed this module more than I honestly anticipated I would, so picking something to write about was interesting.
One thing I would say that captured my attention was looking at identity online, particularly though online communities.
Are we using social media to express ourselves or as an excuse for less human interaction? I really engaged with this debate, personally I think the age of social media is wonderful; connecting with people from all over the world – or even to people you can’t see all the time. I still speak to my friends in person and via Skype for “face to face” conversations as well as talking to my family across the world on messenger, and to my boyfriend at a different uni – this is how we maintain relationships in the modern world, we are no longer limited to proximity. Something I really don’t understand are people blaming social media for people no longer talking, but if you’re friends with someone that won’t talk to you without their phone out, that’s not the fault of the technology, that’s just the person you know choosing that.
But what do you all think? Is it social media making us antisocial, or people finding an excuse to be antisocial through social media?



  1. For me personally, I think that although lack of interacting with each other is our fault but it’s also down to the technology. Social media is an antisocial medium in that we use it to communicate with those far from us, often we are busy interacting with the people far away and forget about those who are near us.


  2. I believe everyone has a choice and should be responsible for their actions. If you choose to go through your Instagram feed instead of going to the park with your friends and then blame social media for you being “antisocial”-it is childish. Some may argue that you can still go to the park with your friends, but stay on your phone constantly- this is possible too, so it is up to you really. I do feel sometimes that the advances in technology drag me into this virtual world, but you should know your limits. Nobody can make you stay on your phone, until you let it happen.


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