Too famous, too much

I think one of the issues we came across in the past few weeks was privacy and visibility online. It was one of the topics I found myself very interest into. Maybe because it’s so real, maybe because my seminar on that topic was too great alongside a fantastic presentation from my classmate.

Anyway, I want to start saying that every single topic we dealt with in this module is very interesting and has left me with that kind of desire to find out more – because, let’s be honest, one hour seminar on online visibility is not enough, is it?

So yeah I would’ve loved to go beyond what we found out during the seminar. Online yes or not? Are we fully visible online or we like to maintain certain things private? And if so, why is that?

As we mentioned before – and as they mentioned in the presentation, sometimes we share our private information without even knowing, especially on Facebook. But to be fair, why would you use Facebook on a daily basis if you don’t want people to know about your stuff? That’s a bit controversial, right?

If you want to be online, you need to understand and agree that you can be fully online.  This links to our topic ‘Privacy and Surveillance’ – a fantastic topic. This idea of living this huge sort of Big Brother, where cameras control every step you make freaks me out but makes me want to find out more. Why are they controlling us? Who’s watching us? What happens to the recordings? Do they keep them forever? Do they know who I actually am? I could go on forever. And if I don’t use Facebook or any other social network. Can they still find out stuff about me because they can follow me on ‘Big Brother’?

The topic is not whether we’re online visible now, the problem is how visible are we? How can we be private off and online?

I would leave you with these questions. Let me know your thoughts. Maybe we’ll get to talk about one day.



  1. I agree that the lecture and discussion on privacy was very interesting as it brought up a lot of points I’d never considered before. I think it is possible to control the amount of information you put out there on the internet, though that doesn’t stop other people or the government from seeing it or maybe trying to find out more. I don’t think anyone can be completely private–maybe from the public, but not from those who control sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc., as they have access to any of the information you give them. It seems that most people are aware of this, yet don’t seem to mind much or don’t do anything to change it. It makes me wonder if this will change at all in the future or if people will continue to let their information be known to third parties.


  2. I believe that none us of care about any of this privacy thing before we see a bigger picture. Looking from a different angle: what if you get yourself into a legal problem? Somehow all this dirt and any of your online or regular activity can be used against you. Or in your favour. I hope no one is that sad to track my life on a daily bases and I think surveillance cameras do actually help “to keep us in place”. I found this topic incredibly interesting and relevant to our age group people. Especially the younger audience that needs to be more alert as they are growing up with their privacy being breached every day. In their favour or not…


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