why be private?

First of all, i just want to mention that these blog posts have been a very nice journey of understanding different components of the internet, and also from the other blog posts I can say I have learned and found out so many new things, which I am very happy everybody shared.

One of the topics that i really liked and would like to speak more about is our online visibility and privacy. As we all know mostly everybody has a wide range of social accounts we use. O

one of the aspects which i think is important in the matter of online visibility and privacy, is how we teach kids to be safe on social media. There has been a big raise of the number of pre teenagers and teenagers that are present in the online medium and most do not have a private profile. I consider that is essential for kids, that have a lot more access to the internet than many of us have has, so an education in that sense is a nessecity for the to understand the risks of sharing data freely on the internet. I think that it does not only depend on the parents but maybe it could useful to have it in school as well.



  1. I agree that it is very important to teach children to be safe on social media however it is very hard as children look and act a lot differently to how we did in our generation so they will be creating accounts a lot more earlier and searching for things on Google that they probably should be. Schools do teach online safety however I think it should be looked at more in depth because of the consequences it can cause.


  2. I always say that “when I have my children, I will not let them to be online till are responsible”. I understand that restricting them from something like this would be almost impossible, but I will do my best. I tempted never listen to my parents when they said that online world might be dangerous. I think it is crucial to protect your kids from any online negativity or danger. Regretfully, some of us had to learn it the hard way…


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