Virtual life has something mysterious about it. You never know who is hiding on the other side of the screen. This is what I would like to draw attention to.

Everyone knows American reality-based TV show ‘Catfish’. I have watched it several times and it does look quite scripted and unnatural. However, from my own experience I can assure that these things actually happen.

I finished high-school in 2011 and back then, I had no idea what is online privacy. Being social, outgoing and young, but too naive I got myself catfished. I did not even know, that things like that exist. Meeting online, talking on daily bases, exchanging pictures, current location and etc. All of this sounds incredibly silly and to be honest, stupid.

The whole thing lasted way too long. The drama, teenage tears and much more. The suspicion started when I was ready to meet face to face. Something would always come up and I refused to face the fact that I am looking for someone who does not exist.

It took me over one year to eradicate that weed out of the garden. I willingly chose to share my private life with someone who I do not know. To be honest, I think this thing will haunt me for the rest of my life. Secrets, photos or my emails will find its way into a daylight. If that person wants to.

It is my pure stupidity and my own future. I just wonder who is that person? I still have no idea.. And in the bottom of my heart I hope I never will.



  1. I’ve watched the Catfish TV show too! Even though watching people being deceived by men and women they hardly knew made me uncomfortable, there was something about the show that was oddly compelling. I agree that the show usually seems very artificial, and it often seems like certain situations are fabricated or at least exaggerated to create more interesting episodes. I think that because of this reason, I never thought about what it would be like to be Catfished myself. But you’re right – Catfishing (and being Catfished) is probably easier than most people think. Could the emergence of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble mean that even more potential Catfishers are waiting around the corner?


  2. I have never watched the show, to be honest, but I just checked on it. It seems that many of the scenes are unrealistic, but the bottom line is, as you said, things like these really exist out there. When you are young you can never know when it’s going to happen. Sometimes you don’t realize that it’s even happening,you just accept everything as a joke. However, one day you may come to see that it’s not a game anymore. I think many young people fall into this trap. Even though, this show is so unrealistic I believe it had prevented some children from being in this situation. What is the most important thing after all, though, is that the parents should be the ones responsible for their child education on these kind of issues!


  3. Your post is really interesting and I can identify myself in your words because the same thing happened to me. You exposed one of the most relevant online issues. Identity in networking society has become more and more fluid as time passed and now it’s completely possible to create an online persona different from the real one.


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