Convergence affecting business

I think the week on media convergence was really interesting.  After learning about the different types of convergence, especially technological and social convergence, it makes sense why most business nowadays have such a bigger focus on digital skills and technology. I think convergence has changed the type of skills businesses look for nowadays.  For example, the print media business such as newspapers and magazines have now all gone to digital. New jobs have been created because of it. Social media producers, digital directors, and art graphmic designers are becoming important jobs in the industry because of this technological convergence. In an article I found about how businesses are strategizing their companies for the digital age, it says “businesses desperately need hi-tech innovators and ‘hybrid’ workers who understand not only their own sector, but complex digital technology as well.” I think this applies to social convergence. The idea of multitasking across multiple digital platforms helps people in our generation develop skills that cover a number of different sectors. Because of technology, our society has developed workers that are “hybrid” who know how to take on jobs that require multiple skills. However, concergence does not just stop at technical digital skills, but also the way people think crelatively. The article states that “digital technology is taking over the workplace and we’re seeing entire sectors digitizing their business models, but that hasn’t made people less important; it’s made having the right people absolutely essential. That doesn’t just mean people with digital skills – although clearly that’s important – but a collection of people who think innovatively, can adapt instantly, who give the company a competitive edge.” I believe that technological and social convergence has allowed people a greater range of creative thinking. New technologies have allowed people to think of new creative digital techniques online. People can now find creative ideas on all kinds of platforms and businesses want people who can think of new innovative ways to help their business strive online. I believe that social and technological convergence has helped our generation develop new digital skills and creative mindsets that help us strive in this new digital age.


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  1. Do you think perhaps that this move to a more digital workplace has minimised the number of jobs available? If we are creating ‘hybrid’ workers then we’re turning what could’ve been the job of two team members into a job for one super worker. You mentioned how this is creating new jobs that we haven’t seen or heard of before, which is true, but in the process maybe we should start to consider if its making some of the roles of the past obsolete. Interesting post though, gets you thinking!


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