Did this module change my online presence?

While attending the lectures I obtained a deeper knowledge about how the information I share online can effect me. I was shocked by the things I learnt in the lectures, however, as soon as I left I returned to my old habits. Or did I make changes? I used this open post to think through how everything I learnt has changed the way I use the internet. Surprisingly, it did quite a bit. The lecture that shaped the way I use the internet, especially social media, the most wast the one about surveillance. I find it shocking how much they actually know about us based on our online activity. As Edward Snowden stated, “arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you don’t have anything to hide is like saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you don’t have anything to say”. This quote is very helpful in understanding why all of us are affected by surveillance. Even though it wasn’t intentional, I changed the way I use the internet as a result of everything I learnt. Firstly, looking at my Facebook profile I noticed I barely ‘check-in’ anymore, I write comments under open posts only after think about it twice and I have deleted friends whose requests I don’t know why I accepted in the first place. Secondly, I’considered changing my Instagram account to an open one but now I’m sure I won’t. Lastly, I deleted people who I don’t consider real friends from Snapchat.
Clearly, this module has affected the way I use the internet. Did you experience the same thing? In your opinion is this a positive or a negative change?



  1. I consider that this module has been very helpful for me personally as well because i learned more about how we all think about the internet and its implications. I the same as you have rethought the way i deal with survelliance nad privacy on the internet because as useful as the internet is there is still some parts that are unsafe.
    Overall i really liked this module and it was a very practical way to learn and expand on my knowledge about the internet.


  2. I’ve always had a mother always tracking what I do on Facebook and telling me what I can and can’t post and I’ve also been taught in school about online privacy. However I did learn a lot more about the Internet that I didn’t know about in this module and has made me think more about what I share. Online we do have freedom of speech but the same time as that’s okay I have serious consequences, i’ve heard of stories of people who have lost jobs because they posted a tweet that was races or offending 6 years ago. I think in this module I’ve learnt that I have to be careful of not just my online safety but my online footprint.


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