Even if you have ounces of gold, there’s something you don’t own

First of all, I am grateful to this module because it gave me the chance to improve my knowledge about how networking modified actual society, which is a basic skill as a PR student and as a (hopefully) future PR practitioner. Moreover, this blogging experience was completely new to me and I had the chance to familiarise with something out of my comfort-zone.


The most relevant aspect that has emerged from this module is how our personal data, thus privacy, is traded by companies to companies.

We are not people, we are now an asset of commodities. What we search, our likes, our tweets, they are not mere personal preferences or opinions, they are what coal is for a powerhouse.

But there is a radical difference in this simile from reality. Right now we want to be a part of this cycle, we are not dragged in, we want to drag ourselves in. The worst part of this circuit is that we cannot live without social networks or search engines (apparently) and we do not even care about anymore about privacy.

However, companies could choose not to collect our data but we would have to pay to get access to these services as no one does anything for good.

How much would you offer for your privacy monthly? Or would you get paid for your already renounced privacy?


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