Getting forward with convergence

When we first started this module, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I thought it would be of no relevance to me. However, I was proven very wrong. As a future filmmaker and writer, I realized how much the internet joined people together and would help further my career after this module. The lecture that I found most interesting was the one on convergence. When using multiple platforms for the same content it reaches many people. This relates to me because if, for example I made a film, it was adapted to an animation and a book this would reach more people, people who like animation and those who like books. We can use Les miserables as an example. Even if someone hasn’t watched or read this, they have surely heard the name. Les miserables is on many platforms. It’s a book, film, musical, play, TV show and an anime. Although it was popular previous to some of these adaptations, it has reached many people across the world. Although, I’ve heard the name I never knew what it was about until watching the anime about it. And this has given me many ideas on how to be successful in what I do when making films or writing books.



  1. I think this is a very interesting way of thinking about convergence and I agree completely! The story of movie is sure to reach more people if its told in other formats as well because it will reach a bigger audience. And who knows, people who don’t really like reading but love watching movies may see a film that they enjoy so much they end up reading the book anyways! (This has happened to me many times before.) Creating movies that have such great impacts on their audience could be a great goal for a future filmmaker like yourself! 🙂


  2. I can relate to your original view point about the module. I too was nervous and didn’t quite know what to expect from Network Society & The Media. However, in time, it became a really fun subject with really interesting topics. I found many of them easy to understand, probably because my generation is constantly exposed to these medias all the time.

    I too want a profession in a similar field to yours and have come to understand how essential, helpful and dangerous the internet can be. It is now probably the biggest and most varied form of media and it is adaptable and can evolve.

    Thanks to popular books, plays, movies, games etc, we have seen media products evolve and converge such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. However as is internet it self is capable to evolving so it would be interesting to see how it adapts to further developments in society.


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