You are probably questioning  what is meant by this title. Developing on what is said in that statement, the new error of digital media and the wide range of technology we have today, you can argue has some way caused the loss of communication verbally. What makes me say this?

Social media has reached an epidemic proportion where it is used across the world by a variety of age groups. And with the development of technology we have today, social media can be accessible In many ways. For instance through our phones, laptops, iPad’s, computers etc.  And the success of social media has brought most people to rely on that or replace it with verbal communication. For instance how many of your parents have said that you spend too much time on our phones, laptops or spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all other types of social media? I’ve seen that we can be physically present with people, for instance family or friends but not always verbally present due to spending time on our phones interacting with others. So would you agree that verbal communication  has been effected with digital media?

Quoting Albert Einstein, he argues that it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity, with this what other disadvantage would you say technology has among us?



  1. I agree with your statement, that technology has made us unable to communicate between each other the way we used to. However, I believe that technology has developed dramatically and we are the only ones who can control it. What I mean is that I for example try only to take advantage of it. I talk to my friends and family at home using Skype, I never stay with my friends and look at my phone, they don’t do that either. So, my point is that it is all up to us whether we are going to take advantage of it.


  2. I agree that social media has affected verbal communication and in person relationships. For example, I’ve noticed whenever I’m with my friends, we spend more time on our phones than talking to each other in person. Although social media allows people to be social and keep in touch online, it could also distance people in person if they become too controlled by their phones or computers. I believe social media has a lot of positive outcomes, however they need to be balanced with the verbal communication with people around you. Therefore, social media won’t cut you off from making relationships in real life outside the Internet.


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