Should we keep private?

Throughout the journey of understanding the media and internet, what really stood out to my interst was the debate whether we should keep private on social media or not.

I have always been one of those people who didn’t really mind what people saw and was quite neutral about the whole topic. However, reading more in depth about the disadvantages and dangers having an online profile open to everyone I completely changed my mind.

I will be focusing on the Facebook, as it’s the platform that has been online for the longest and has developed the most. Not many people realise that Facebook allows others to track whereabouts you are through the GPS unless this option is disabled. I don’t think I even have to say how dangerous that could be.

One of the big disadvantages for the future is that many employes will want to know much more about us, things that are not visible on CV. The first thing they will do is look for us on social media and see what kind of things we post etc. Even if we delete something, it is essentially there forever.



  1. I agree with you completely. This module has changed the way i’m thinking about social media and it motivated me to change my security settings. I actually wrote my blog post about a similar topic. I believe, that I changed the settings in a positive way. I’m still not scared or anything while using my accounts but I did change the settings and made my profiles as private as possible. That can’t hurt.


  2. I definitely think it is essential to keep your online profiles private, as we do tend to share personal information on social media which I would argue should not be public for everyone to see. You mentioned that even when you delete something, it is essentially there forever, what do you mean by that because all I know is that once I delete a picture of social media it is removed from my profile. Therefore none would be able to see that picture there anymore, right?


  3. Hey, I just saw your comment and thought I would share this link with you! Your right, when you delete something others will no longer be able to see it. The response from facebook doesn’t specify which information they store. However, when you delete something of your profile, it will no longer be accessible to anyone, but may stay on facebook’s server. Unless you delete your account. However, there is still some controversy, whether your information is kept or restored.


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