Soft tactics or Manipulation?

“The FBI said it had, “this past weekend”, been shown a way to unlock the iPhone used by San Bernardino gunman Rizwan Farook.”, said Dave Lee, in an article for BBC, yesterday. This Apple – FBI case have been very interesting for me to follow, as I believe its truthfulness, as much as I believe sheep can fly. I believe that, whenever such an issue becomes visible for the public, there is something beneficial in it for both sides involved.

I have always been interested in Apple’s advertising and why is it so successful. What I found out is that the company doesn’t rely on traditional tactics. They are attracting customers using manipulative, non-visible methods. Let’s take this case for instance; Apple is represented in the news as a hero. They protect their customers’ rights and care about them. And this is so clear and so visible for everyone. Apple has been telling their corporate story for years. They made Steve Job’s story a buzz; they generated a huge interest and managed to engage their customers with their existence as a brand. They let us be a part of their development.

What about FBI then, they are not interested in generating sales or customers? Their case is similar to the climate change or the racism. We are aware of them, but we got used to them. FBI is creating awareness of the surveillance they are doing and surveillance they are able to do. They are making the public a witness of their power and softly make us get used to it.

Overall, I believe every news story, makes someone benefit from it. Whether a company, a government or an NGO. What we should do, is that we should learn how to think critically and evaluate everything for what it’s really worth.


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