The End.

For my last blog post, I want to discuss convergence. The Kardashian’s have taken social media by storm and have ‘broken the internet’ a few times too. Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sisters began her life on the linear television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians broadcast on the E! channel, from there she became a recognisable star.

Branding her own image using social media like Instagram, Vine and Snapchat where she shares pictures of fashion, promotes cosmetics and health products/food like Teatoxs’. Kylie is a big fan of Snapchat and creates Snapstories which is a short form of content which are hand held 10 second shots filmed from her phone where you see what she does during her day and where she also promotes her Kylie Lip Kit cosmetic line.

She now has personalised app where she share fashion tips, makeup tutorial, day to day vlogs as well as a radio show which can be accessed on her app via your phone or laptop. The radio show is a platform to listen to Kylie in an appointed time where she discuss ‘gossip’ and her favourite music at the moment.

Kylie uses convergence to advertise herself and her own brand using a number of platforms that are all interconnected and reach everyone on a global scale by advertising these herself and what is associated with her in a very personal way almost like Kylie is your “best friend” on social media.



  1. The Kardashians, especially Kylie, are a perfect example of using social media for promotion and a way to make money. I feel like using platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. was also the way she became so well known for her “big lips”, which started the whole craze of the ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’. It’s funny to see how much influence one person can have if they have enough followers and now it’s led to her own makeup brand. It makes me wonder how much celebrities like her are paid to post photos and endorse products for different companies via social media.


  2. I am a huge fan of the Kardashian Jenner clan, and I really admire the way they have used social media to build their business. I think the way they use focus groups and branch out is a great example of how women can make a name for themselves. I regard the girls to be great examples and role models, and lets be fair, if we could all get paid to post on instagram we would probably all take the offer.


  3. Social media has created more than just connections online. It has created online identities, branding strategies, and advertising platforms. The Kardashians are a perfect example. They use social media to brand themselves, whether on Instagram, Twitter, or snapchat. Their followers feel connected and close to them, for they get to see more personal aspects of their lives through social media. However., how can one truly know what is real and what is fake online? The Kardashians have people who run their social media accounts and publicists who control what they think is appropriate to put online for their image. Social media becomes more of a tool then to create an image rather than to expose one. Celebrities have social media producers who tweet and post to them, thus minimizing the personal aspect of social media. Therefore, social media has both negative and positive affects of controlling images online.


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