The good, bad and the internet

There is a long list of pros and cons regarding the internet. It is of huge power in our society. It can be a platform for us to express our own opinions and build our own communities, or it can be a platform for bullying and can enable humans to lose touch with one another. Even right this moment i am becoming distracted by my phone and by the other tabs being open.

The good is that it can offer so much to us as humans, we can learn so easily and can view things from a click of a button from the other side of the world. Websites like Skype and FaceTime allow the accessibility to be literally at our fingertips.

The bad being that we are so focused by these little screens that we spend on average more than 20 hours a week online . Not only does this distract us from experiencing the world it can also have impact on our brains. Nicholas Carr wrote a book called The shallows discussing how the brain is affected by the internet. My favourite quote is on page 209 where he states ‘Even as our technologies become extensions of ourselves, we become extensions of our technologies […] every tool imposes limitations even as it opens possibilities. The more we use it, the more we mold ourselves to its form and function’. We are as clever as how we use the internet. Things like social media distract us and dumb us down to spend endless hours of the day watching cute dogs or cats singing.

I have recorded myself while writing this blog post and tallied up that i looked at my phone 8 times during this process. The addiction to this technology is worryingly powerful. I hope that you have got to the end of this post without being distracted by a small screen with a friend sending you a link to “puppies learning to swim”.




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