Soft tactics or Manipulation?

“The FBI said it had, “this past weekend”, been shown a way to unlock the iPhone used by San Bernardino gunman Rizwan Farook.”, said Dave Lee, in an article for BBC, yesterday. This Apple – FBI case have been very interesting for me to follow, as I believe its truthfulness, as much as I believe sheep can fly. I believe that, whenever such an issue becomes visible for the public, there is something beneficial in it for both sides involved.

I have always been interested in Apple’s advertising and why is it so successful. What I found out is that the company doesn’t rely on traditional tactics. They are attracting customers using manipulative, non-visible methods. Let’s take this case for instance; Apple is represented in the news as a hero. They protect their customers’ rights and care about them. And this is so clear and so visible for everyone. Apple has been telling their corporate story for years. They made Steve Job’s story a buzz; they generated a huge interest and managed to engage their customers with their existence as a brand. They let us be a part of their development.

What about FBI then, they are not interested in generating sales or customers? Their case is similar to the climate change or the racism. We are aware of them, but we got used to them. FBI is creating awareness of the surveillance they are doing and surveillance they are able to do. They are making the public a witness of their power and softly make us get used to it.

Overall, I believe every news story, makes someone benefit from it. Whether a company, a government or an NGO. What we should do, is that we should learn how to think critically and evaluate everything for what it’s really worth.


Is it just up to us?


The first thing that came to my mind when I read this week’s topic is a website called I am from Bulgaria and we use Zamunda to download movies, TV series, music, etc. Downloading this content is legal in my country and when I first came here I thought I would have to say some movies goodbye.

However, I found out that there is a variety of ways to watch movies online in the UK, without breaking the law. You may think I would say that making downloads illegal is pointless. Well, it is not. The music and movie production in my country is dying. People do not care about artist’s work; they do not respect what artists do for them. I know many talented and hardworking people who gave up their dreams of becoming actors or singers, just because it is so badly paid. Yes, it may be similar in the UK. We may say that people do not respect artists’ right here, but at least the country respects them. And at the end of the day, this turns out to be crucial.

Data Gambling


I believe most of us don’t even think of our information being held somewhere in the cyberspace, until we start talking about it on lectures or we see some shocking documentary. However, what happens next is that we become a bit worried about everything we post as our personal data, but our worries end the second we shoot a shockingly beautiful selfie and we cannot hold ourselves from putting it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Some of us even make their addresses, family members, places we go to visible, without even thinking that it makes us more vulnerable. There are a lot of people who may try to harm us, but the feeling of being a part of the online community is so strong that we prefer to close our eyes to what is happening around us. What concerns me even more though, is that despite our photos and the places we go to, we happily provide our bank accounts, our insurance numbers, even pictures of personal documents. Yes, allows its users to play poker, only if the user provides a PICTURE of the insurance number plus a passport, ID or driving licence. This website is the largest website for poker existing, can we imagine how many personal data is stored there?

Get In

The mos1346331081419_797630t useful online community I can think of is definitely LinkedIn. Especially, if you are interested in understanding a particular business sphere, I believe LinkedIn is the best place to begin your journey.

The first time I started using it was right after I started studying PR and Advertising. I was really interested in the constant movement of the industry but I didn’t know how to follow every trend and keep up to date, which is very important for PR.

So, after I followed a few basic profiles in LinkedIn, many more started to appear as proposals and I would say that now my interest has been fully satisfied. What is more, after I found out interesting and important people for the industry I followed them on other platforms or discovered their websites, which enriched my industry culture even more.

I believe that LinkedIn remains the classiest platform providing valuable and trustworthy information. It differs from other platform because it is serious and grown-up platform, which is not interesting for young teenagers to post their thoughts or pictures. If you don’t have a profile at LinkedIn yet, it is about time you get In.       


Even though I have never played the game World of Warcraft (WOW), I would say that I am truly fascinated by the influence this game has on its users. As far as I know being part of this game is absolutely identical of being part of any other non-virtual community. People share information between each other; fight for power and the most powerful players are on the top of the hierarchy. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course it does, it is the same as the way our society functions today and has been functioning for many years back. I believe that this part is the one which attracts gamers – the fact that you manage to build a whole new world, a whole new understanding of yourself.
However, I am concerned about the way in which this whole system of sharing information, building a new society and even paying for this “pleasure” is heading to. If we think about it, the game is a perfect way of collecting personal information, creating virtual relationships with unknown people or even absorbing so much of this world that we start to forget about the real one around us. I have been a witness of each of the former mentioned happening. So the question is when does that stop being a game and becomes a threat?wall1-1600x1200

Television and Internet

As a foreign student, studying PR and Advertising, I found it a bit difficult when I first came to London, as I didn’t have television or Internet and I didn’t know which newspapers to buy, in order to keep up with the news. However, after a while I managed to get myself a Wi-Fi and learn more about the newspapers, but never signed up a television contract. Why? The answer is because I am watching television, but through my laptop, without paying a penny for it. Yes, for those of you who don’t have a TV yet, you can do that! I find this convergence of television and Internet, to be the most useful for me, as a foreign student, as I cannot afford to buy a TV and to pay for television. – this is the magical place I watch the news every morning before going to university, or in case I miss something (like the Andrew Marr show, which according to our tutor, every self-respectful PR student should watch!!!) I just go here I hope this information was helpful for all of you who feel as lost, as I did!


What I find extremely helpful and very relevant to my studies and interests, and I believe yours too, is a website called The reason I chose this website over other different and intriguing LinkedIn profiles, websites, YouTube channels or blogs is because I have personally found a huge diversity of helpful materials such as statistics, studies, reports, etc. This particular part is an enormous plus, because we all know that students often tend to have difficulties with finding respectable sources for valuable information. What is more, this information is always relevant and recent.

Another very important thing is that, the website is also active on different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS. However, if you Like or Follow them you would see that their posts are always concerning recent and important events, which transforms the website into an information center, similar to BBC, The Guardian or The Independent, for instance. Thus, they are reaching different groups of people, making them interested and familiar with their activity and definitely succeed.