Convergence affecting business

I think the week on media convergence was really interesting.  After learning about the different types of convergence, especially technological and social convergence, it makes sense why most business nowadays have such a bigger focus on digital skills and technology. I think convergence has changed the type of skills businesses look for nowadays.  For example, the print media business such as newspapers and magazines have now all gone to digital. New jobs have been created because of it. Social media producers, digital directors, and art graphmic designers are becoming important jobs in the industry because of this technological convergence. In an article I found about how businesses are strategizing their companies for the digital age, it says “businesses desperately need hi-tech innovators and ‘hybrid’ workers who understand not only their own sector, but complex digital technology as well.” I think this applies to social convergence. The idea of multitasking across multiple digital platforms helps people in our generation develop skills that cover a number of different sectors. Because of technology, our society has developed workers that are “hybrid” who know how to take on jobs that require multiple skills. However, concergence does not just stop at technical digital skills, but also the way people think crelatively. The article states that “digital technology is taking over the workplace and we’re seeing entire sectors digitizing their business models, but that hasn’t made people less important; it’s made having the right people absolutely essential. That doesn’t just mean people with digital skills – although clearly that’s important – but a collection of people who think innovatively, can adapt instantly, who give the company a competitive edge.” I believe that technological and social convergence has allowed people a greater range of creative thinking. New technologies have allowed people to think of new creative digital techniques online. People can now find creative ideas on all kinds of platforms and businesses want people who can think of new innovative ways to help their business strive online. I believe that social and technological convergence has helped our generation develop new digital skills and creative mindsets that help us strive in this new digital age.


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YouTube-Free Platform with Copyrighted Videos

YouTube is an online platform that allows its users free access to view and post any type of video .  Users do not need to pay or sign up in order to have access to videos. However, in order to post videos they must have an online account.  Because of the freedom YouTube has with their video content, there has been a lot of issues with copyright material, such as music in people’s videos, tv programs, video games and more.  YouTube allows users to copyright their own material under these circumstances: “In order to be eligible for copyright protection, a work must be both creative and fixed in a tangible medium. Names and titles are not, by themselves, subject to copyright.” Because of the free access of YouTube, users have found it hard to distinguish what is copyrighted and what is not.  YouTube is not able to mediate ownership rights disputes. They are only allowed to take down content if the law requires and someone informs the site. Therefore, copyright material is really left up to the audience.  YouTube is such a vast network of unlimited videos that sometimes it is hard to even know if someone is using your own creative content. However, YouTube also allows its viewers the ability to upload their video under Creative Commons license. YouTube allows users to “mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license. These videos are then accessible to YouTube users for use, even commercially, in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor.”

This Creative Commons license only allows users with a good standing account the ability to mark their videos this way. By marking your video, you allow the whole YouTube ability to re-use your own content. However, the power of the user to mark their own content this way could lead to problems with copyright material. I found a blog post that talked about why she is giving up using Creative Commons on YouTube. The blogger wrote that she used the Creative Commons license on her video, but another user shared her video in an inaccurate, misleading way. He reposted her video and marked it under the wrong year and he monetized her video, which she did not want to do for her original video. She complains that also there is nothing she can do about it. She states that “CC BY means that a user can do whatever they want with it, just as long as they give proper attribution to the creator.” Thus, YouTube’s creative commons license causes problems because it allows too much freedom to its users to reuse content in their own way, ultimately leading to using it the wrong way by recreating it and abusing the original content. Therefore, in this case it may be reasonable to have stricter copyright and Creative Common license requirements so that users feel like their content is protected online.

Link to YouTube CC BY information: CLICK HERE

Link to the Blog Post about Creative Common License: CLICK HERE

Visibility Online as a Blogger

I am very visible online. Not only do I have social media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter – but I also created my own entertainment and lifestyle blog. For my social media handles, I allow only a limited audience to see my personal profiles on some of my accounts, while other accounts I let the whole public view my profile. For example, for Facebook I only accept people I truly know to view my profile because my Facebook is my most personal social media platform. I post pictures on there with my family and friends and for my family and friends to see the pictures. It is a more personal account to have, so I only allow a limited audience to view it because I do not want people I do not know to have access to my personal information. On the other hand, my Instagram and Twitter are open to the public, so anyone can view them. I chose to do it this way because I use my Instagram and Twitter as digital marketing components for my blog. I tweet out blog links so my followers can easily access my latest article.  I also instagram travel, fashion, and food photos on my Instagram because that is what I blog about.

However, because I have a blog, a lot of information about me is not always under my control. I chose to put myself out there on the Internet, so I knew there would be pros and cons. I have always loved being creative and sharing my ideas, so my blog allows me to do just that. I write articles on things I’m passionate about – such as fashion, books, food, music, and travel. So most of my articles are not very personal, but more of opinions. However, by starting a blog, I have grown a following, so my visibility online has increased. Some of the pros for this increased visibility is that I found my current job through my blog. I used my blog as my online portfolio, and they liked the content and the social media following I had, so I was hired as a social media producer at the company. However, there are cons with an online presence also. People have created fake accounts under my name or commented fake stories on my posts. I do not have control over what people can comment or say about me or my blog. People know what city I am from and where I travel based on blog posts, but my personal information is still very limited for safety.  Sometimes I do not like how visible I am online because of my blog, but I love writing and creating online content. So, it is just one of the cons will having a blog – more people will get to know you online and your visibility will increase.

TripAdvisor – An Online Community to Advise

I believe TripAdvisor is an example of a positive online community because it is a site designed to inform and “advise.” People join the community in order to share their advice and help others find the best travel locations, hotels, restaurants, and deals. Instead of other online communities, such as YouTube or Facebook, people can comment on personal information, which can lead to cyberbullying and negativity within the online community. For example, on Youtube, most of the comments below are very judgmental, criticizing the video on its content.  On the other hand, TripAdvisor is an online community not to judge or criticize each other, but to help each other.


TripAdvisor allows the online community to share their own reviews and recommendations on different travel locations and restaurants during a trip. Members of the community benefit from each other because they are able to share honest opinions and advice on different hotels and travel spots. Instead of relying on the bias opinions of restaurants promoting themselves online, people within the TripAdvisor online community can read a variety of opinions, from good reviews to bad reviews. They get an unbiased and diverse perspective on different places, thus making TripAdvisor a reliable source of where to travel to.

Some challenges or limitations about this kind of online community is that everyone has a different taste on locations, foods, and hotels. People have different economic backgrounds also. Thus, some reviews might not apply to all kinds of people. People might have to find specific reviews that apply to their own unique backgrounds and tastes.  Although some reviews may be negative, I still think this online community is a positive kind because the bad reviews only help people learn where not to go and learn from people’s past mistakes. I love using the site’s online forum to ask specific questions to your travel plans. People are always there to answer your questions and provide honest answers. It is a great online community to not only learn, but also to share and help other people learn.

Link to Online Forum: TRIPADVISOR

Reddit. “The Front Page of the Internet”

Reddit is an example of how the audience has significantly shaped digital creation. Reddit describes itself as “the front page of the Internet”, allowing its users to post content- such as pictures, text, and links- on its website. The posts make the website like an online bulletin board. Registered users then can vote and rank posts up or down, thus organizing the posts from most popular to least popular on the main page, with the most popular posts showing at the top.  This process of posting and voting the content creates Reddit into a website for “what’s hot” on the Internet. This is why Reddit calls themselves the “front page of the Internet”, because the site actually shows what people are talking about. They are able to create the content then organize the content into what they actually want to see. The content is also organized into categories called “subreddits”, which include entertainment, news, gaming, music, books, fitness, comedy, etc.  These “subreddits” attract different audiences and help them find their topic of interest easier.

Reddit would not exist without its audience, for the site’s content is created and organized by its users. Without the users, there would be no content. In Reddit Traffic Statistics, it states, “As of 2015, the website had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking 14th most visited web-site in US and 36th in the world.” This proves that the way Reddit works and functions attracts large audiences. People love being a part of the creation of online content. They love sharing ideas and information with other people. The  participation with this site is significant, for the user generated content makes Reddit a source for what is popular on the Internet.Reddit is like an online community of the top digital news. People go to this site to see what is trending in pop culture and entertainment. Most of the content that goes viral started on Reddit, thus proving that the audience plays a significant role in shaping online information.



Music Convergence – Spotify.

Technological convergence is when information – such as words, images, and sounds – are digitized, thus allowing the information to flow across differing technological platforms. I think a good example of this type of convergence is the transformation of music listening. Music used to only be listened to through CDs and vinyl records. People had to go out to stores and buy the right disk in order to listen to their favorite records. Today, people have the ability to listen to music at the touch of a button. Music has been digitized and streamed online, thus allowing people to listen to it whenever and wherever they want.

An example of this music convergence to digital platforms is Spotify. Spotify offers people to listen to their favorite songs either for free (with ads) or through a paid monthly plan (without ads and more freedom off wifi). People can search Spotify and find endless songs, albums, and artists – from the current charts to decades ago. Spotify allows people to find indie artists and uncover new songs by offering playlists based on their musical preferences. With this technological convergence, music has never been so easy to find and listen to. I spend hours on Spotify making playlists and discovering new artists.

There are many advantages to using Spotify. Although some artists refuse to put their music on Spotify (Taylor Swift for example), many artists want to share their music openly to wide audiences. One of the implications of Spotify is the concern of piracy. With 20 million plus songs to its database, some people assume illegal sharing is taking place. However, Spotify actually offers a solution to piracy by having to obtain the artist’s permission to put their songs on the database and offer them an amount of money for each time their song is played. In the article I attached below, Sean Parker (founder of Napster) states, “We compete with the vast majority of music fans who are actually still using piracy networks and we offer a legitimate solution that’s significantly more convenient than piracy and significantly more convenient than iTunes.”

Thus, Spotify offers a legal, accessible way to listen to millions of different songs. This technological convergence shows that the colliding of music with new technology and digitization can be a positive, successful step for the music industry.



Mashable – The Twitter Handle for the connected generation

An online source I think is valuable for the students taking this module is the twitter handle @Mashable. Their twitter biography states: “News, resources, inspiration and fun for the connected generation. Tweets by staff.”  I think Mashable is a great Twitter user to follow on your newsfeed because their tweets constantly keep you up to date on the latest news in social media, technology, and Internet pop culture. While working as a social media producer in Los Angeles for the past year, one of my daily tasks was to check the latest tweets from Mashable in order to stay up to date with the latest technological and social media news.  The way they describe themselves at a source for the “connected generation” shows how Mashable is an important online resource for students taking this module about “Network Society.” The connected generation is a network society where people constantly form digital and social connections on technological and digital media platforms.

Mashable tweets about latest social media news, such as the newest Twitter Timeline affecting advertising and brands from different companies, shown here: LINK TO TWEET

Mashable tweets and connects people to articles about the latest social media news. Through the link above, people can stay connected to what is happening with the Internet, such as current changes and improvements. This is important for our module because students can learn new things about how the Internet and social media platforms are developing daily to keep up with current trends in our world today. Mashable also tweets about fun technological information. For example, they recently tweeted about how you can make Siri, the automated voice on the iPhone, beatbox back to you. (LINK HERE). This is an example of cultural convergence because Mashable is interacting with cultural content and commenting on technological advances, thus sharing it with different audiences so they can also interact with the content.

I believe Mashable is an informative yet fun Twitter handle to follow and read on a daily basis for Network and Society module students. It helps me stay up to date on the latest technology and Internet trends.

Here is the link to their twitter handle: @Mashable