Does #prayfortheworld make a change?

Social media campaigns help to let the whole world know and speak about something. I believe most of you know #prayfortheworld trend on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Only on Instagram this hash tag has 651,560 posts. This is a great example of how tragic event goes viral. When tragedy happens social media makes most of the people aware of what happened, but also allows people voicing their opinions through the platforms. We become all interlinked, therefore get affected somehow. #Prayforthewolrd is “a mass demonstration of grief and hope”.

Such an online reaction is supported by some users, but is rejected by  the others. Some users use the hash tag as the endorsement of prayer, but others feel like this passive action is pointless and that people should make change differently. Social media users do not only use hashtags, but also illustrations to show support for the victims. After yesterday’s Brussels attack, people have also shown solidarity online. They launched the following hash tag #ikwillhelpen, which means “I will help” in order to “offer lifts and even places to stay to anyone in need following the bombings today

I believe that using social media not to just spread the word, but to offer shelter for instance actually helps people, rather than just generates buzz. What is your opinion on the use of social media during those terrific events?


How Sound Cloud makes it work

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform.” It allows users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally created sounds. It is not easy to steal someone else’s work-Sound Cloud allows you to track the activity of the sounds that you’ve created. The platform gives you to choose a license for you track to protect your content. It can either be All Rights Reserved, or available through Creative Commons. “Copyright” section briefly describes what both of the licenses are, which is of help for the ones who have met with these terms for the first time. Users can also easily report copyright infringement through the site.

In my opinion, the creator of content should be responsible for his/her content. But, as a platform that allows sharing the tracks it is great that Sound Cloud educates users on the protection of their tracks. On the other hand it allows freedom to choose which license is more suitable for their content.

I think that strict copyright control would limit the interaction between the users, but this interaction is essential to bring creativity and get inspired, especially in music. For the upcoming musicians Creative Commons gives opportunity to perhaps find the “partner in crime”, or get noticed, or just get someone to hear their “creation”. However, in some cases copyright is vital, otherwise all the efforts can be stolen and then found under someone else’s name, which is hurtful.

Surprise, surprise!

Privacy is important for me and I’m usually careful when sharing any of my personal information online. However, when I typed my name on the Google search I was more than surprised. In many sites my name appeared with the World Dance Sport Federation athlete title. Yes, I used to be dancing professionally, but I quieted a long time ago. Those sites had information on my dancing partners and on competitions that I went to. I never thought that this information is there, available for anyone to see until I did this exercise.

On my social media sites I can be found under a different name. My Facebook account is private, but anyone can still see where I come from and what are my interests. Just recently I put my Instagram on public mode. The images that I post are usually just of myself. It is very rare for me to share anything to do with my family or friends. I keep it to myself. My photos are misleading in some way. Even people close to me who follow me would not always understand where I am and ask me.

Finding yourself online is interesting, but it is annoying to find something that you wouldn’t want to be shared. After doing this exercise I will recheck my social media and remove any unnecessary information.

Love traveling? Then, this is perhaps for you…

I found this really cool example of an online community-TravBuddy. TravBuddy is the largest online community that connects the travellers. It was launched in 2005 and it now has more than 600,000 travellers sharing their experiences online.

TravBuddy allows users to “find travel buddies” who are planning to go to the same places at the same time. Users are divided into “going” and “local”. “Going” -are the ones who are traveling to the destination, “local”- are the people living at the destination. (Some may even be glad to give you a tour around the city). TravBuddy users can interact with each other by posting their travel blogs on the site, commenting, uploading images from the trips and providing reviews.

Travellers can give or gain a “real” feedback, which is of great help to others. After socializing online, users can find people to travel with and meet them in real life. This may mostly appeal to the solo travellers, who do not want to travel alone. Although, meeting people online is usually suspicious, since you never know who is behind the screen, it is still a great way not to just meet someone new, but also to gain some useful tips and knowledge about the destinations.

Just look at the WordPress

Our blog on WordPress is a perfect example of how the audience participates and shapes the content. We are creating the content for our community by writing the posts each week, but also by sharing our ideas when making comments.

In fact, WordPress has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It is an open source, which means that it is developed by and for the user community.WordPress project is carried by a community of dedicated developers, users, and supporters.The development of WordPress has started in 2003. After one year, WordPress came with Plugin Architecture. This made it possible for the users and developers to write their own plugins and share them with rest of the community. As a result, WordPress 1.2 was the breakthrough of that time, which helped to attract a lot of users. Since then, the project would continue developing every year, becoming a more and more appealing and user-friendly platform.

I believe that an increasing participation on WordPress has helped the project to be the success. It is an open source software, therefore the users shape the content.There are 76.5 million blogs on WordPress (as of 2014). There are 3 billion comments that have been left on WordPress sites (as of 2015). These figures are overwhelming.


Would someone please acknowledge me?

Social or organic convergence is defined as consumers’ multitasking strategies for navigating the new information environment. In simple words, we- users multitask by using different media at once to better adapt to this rapidly changing environment that we are living in today. Texting your friend while watching a movie and taking a snap of your cozy evening at home all at the same time, is this multitasking familiar to you? We are trying to stay up to date with what is going on around us, but also keeping everyone else informed with our lives. This is a reality of our generation as the result of the media convergence.

Although, we are out and about through socializing, which seems to be great, there are also some implications. The addiction to posting, tweeting, sharing is one of them.This video has helped me to look at our addiction from a different perspective. The problem seems to be in the attention that our generation is lacking. We are sharing the photos from parties, or the gifts that we receive to get some kind of response from the public, in the form of the likes or comments e.g “ you look beautiful!”. Such attention makes us feel a little better about ourselves. We start feeling like someone cares about us, so we continue sharing. Perhaps, we don’t get much attention from our close ones, therefore social networking helps to get what we are lacking. Would you agree that the lack of attention and desire to feel needed are the reasons to social media addiction ?

Different TED

You might have heard of TED before…perhaps from the American comedy where teddy bear-Ted is brought to life? But no, in this post I am not going to talk about the movie, but about the different TED, which is a global set of conferences.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Its mission is to spread ideas all over the world. This is a good and reliable source for getting general knowledge and inspiration. As the media students, we must generate the ideas and brainstorm and TED talks are food for thought. Each TED talk usually lasts for no more than 18 minutes. Even a single powerful talk at TED can make you more knowledgeable within some minutes. Just think about it.

The main website for TED is, where you can discover the talks on diversity of topics, search for the events that TED hosts and many more. Another thing  that is worth mentioning is TedEd, which is TED’s youth and education initiative. This is particularly interesting for the teachers and students around the globe. At students can find original animated videos for different subjects. The subject suitable for our particular module is media and journalism. It involves topics like “how the false news can spread” or “the language of lying”. Go and explore them right now by just clicking here.