The antisocial debate

I enjoyed this module more than I honestly anticipated I would, so picking something to write about was interesting.
One thing I would say that captured my attention was looking at identity online, particularly though online communities.
Are we using social media to express ourselves or as an excuse for less human interaction? I really engaged with this debate, personally I think the age of social media is wonderful; connecting with people from all over the world – or even to people you can’t see all the time. I still speak to my friends in person and via Skype for “face to face” conversations as well as talking to my family across the world on messenger, and to my boyfriend at a different uni – this is how we maintain relationships in the modern world, we are no longer limited to proximity. Something I really don’t understand are people blaming social media for people no longer talking, but if you’re friends with someone that won’t talk to you without their phone out, that’s not the fault of the technology, that’s just the person you know choosing that.
But what do you all think? Is it social media making us antisocial, or people finding an excuse to be antisocial through social media?


Copy right follows us

Copy right is something we will all have to deal with at some point in our media lives, so it’s important to fully understand it. As a television student I need to know the right way to deal with music, there are lots of copy right limitations when dealing with music in your production. For instance with modern music you have to go through getting permission to use it, however if the creator of the music has died and 70 years has passed that piece becomes part of the public domain (owned by the public) – this is very apparent when certain songs are more popularly used in films because the copy right on it has just expired.
Copy right is excellent for the creator of a product, but can cause big issues for people wanting to use the material. It creates boundaries so people can own their work and receive all money it may get from it, a big advantage for when people want to copy their idea. Disadvantages are for the people that may want to use it, for example using music in a show, if the correct procedures are not taken then you could have a legal battle on your hands. This is also why YouTube tend to not let people but up music videos without the correct copy right, they could face a serious legal complications.

Something I’ve never thought to worry about

Growing up with the internet meant that the first thing I was ever taught about the internet was that it is a terrifying and dangerous place! And being told the same thing over, and over, again by all the different adults in my life from such a young age meant this really stuck with me.
This is also probably why I hardly post on Facebook, let alone share my personal information like my mobile phone number, or home address. In fact if you’re not friends with me most of my profile is private. This doesn’t mean I’m still a terrified 12 year old using a fake name online, I enjoy the internet, I just don’t see myself as a huge broadcaster. I’ve spread my internet access across different social medias but the results seems to normally be the same, not much to tell.
However I’m not ignorant to the world wide web, I know my information is sold for advertising purposes – but I simply struggle to care about it. I knew from the start that would be the deal, (how else would a business make a profit?) and with the simple magic of adblocker I never have to see this advertising. Have you ever thought twice about terms and agreements? Maybe we should before we jump into the world of social media.

Body Positivity, through online spaces.

There are loads of different online communities out there, some positive and some unfortunately not for all positive. They are all there for different reasons, positively this can mean finding support, finding people with similar interests, or in some cases just to hang out. One Tumblr blog I found was GTFOthinspo, although not a chat room or a forum it is still an online positive place to show body positivity. It allows people to join together and help one another grow. It’s also somewhere to find new friends that have experienced similar issues i.e eating disorders, problems with fat shaming, racism, sexism, and so on.
I would say a big limitation of this lay out is the lack of simple talking, massively hindered by it not being a chat room of forum. However that’s not to say it won’t put you in touch with people, but you’ll just have to be brave and direct message someone and hope for the best.
I really love this blog, and I think it really tackles some issues that need to be addressed more as well as being a supportive place. But what did you guys think? Does this still count as a positive online place if there is a lack of mass communication?

Supply, Supply, Supply

Technology is fast developing in a million different ways, and things are changing to keep up with it. One new trend is the change in audience participation, going from viewer to user. I decided to look into Etsy as a wonderful example of this, Etsy is an online place where people can self promote and sell their products, from jewellery to home and living. Anyone can create an account and it has small free that go to Etsy when you sell products.
All the content on Etsy is user made, the audience are also the suppliers. If it were not for the audience using the site it wouldn’t really go anywhere – just an empty space. I love this type of selling, something about it seems so down to earth and personal, it’s also nice to know that the profit goes to the person who made the product. In a world where bigger companies come in and commercialise everything it’s good to have a place where people can go and sell their products.
What do you guys think? Have you ever used Etsy? And would you use it now?

Has Economical Convergence Gone too Far?

Their are five main types of convergence, and although all are interesting in different ways I personally found economical convergence to be one of the biggest influences on the media industry.
Economical convergence is the opportunity for companies to widen their product across different platforms, an opportunity to deviate from their norm. A fantastic example of this is Star Wars, originally just films but it has since moved onto; comics, books, TV, and merchandise. But is this too much? Will there ever be an end to the different platforms, or will it continue to grow, finding more and more ways to exploit a product for all its worth. But is this just flogging a dead horse?
With all these different options for the audience does one small enjoyment quickly slip into an obsession, to collect and know all the different forms that are out there! And once you’ve hooked people there becomes an enormous demand for more. There are so many platforms to work across, soon companies will start to make things up – a lovely example from Star Wars again, with endorsing Max Factor for their Star Wars mascara. Ridiculous idea, but it sold and that’s what mattered.
What do you think about economical convergence, when does it all become too much?

A little something useful

Above is a link to the online resource I found.
When looking for a suitable resource I really struggled to find one of academic importance or even relevancy. However I did find this site – Ericsson. Although this site is for a company I did find it still happened to have some useful information. I found it very useful for a recap or something to refresh your memory, or even to just look at something you didn’t quite understand before.
It clearly lays out different aspects of the Networked Society allowing the viewer to find exactly what they need. Clearly this isn’t an academic source and should not be used for referencing, it’s still useful for a basic idea.
The only thing I would say puts this link down on is the lack of a variety of information, there’s a lot of information on the subject of network society and this link only really seems to cover the basics, and only think of it from a business point of view. Something that is expected considering this is a site for a company – however the information stays the same, and can still help with facts and statistics.

Another aspect I really enjoyed were the slide shows at the bottom of the page for even more detail. I hope this online resource helps someone at let me know what you thought of this link.