Binded by Binary

Growing up being visible on social networks such as MSN live messenger was a good thing as that meant I can communicate and nudge friends who i’d seen probably about 20 minutes ago at school that day. So putting my personal details online wasn’t such a bad thing as I saw it as communicating and interaction between me and my friends, but mostly fitting into what was becoming the normal.

But as I’ve grown older and more wiser to the dangers there isn’t much you can do about removing or changing your online visibility. One of my biggest fear is online shopping.

I personally love shopping and find it a really handy way to shop without moving, but putting the advantages aside most companies encourage you to store your card and bank details with their ‘secure’ website to make it easier and quicker to shop. This is my biggest fear where is this information stored and who can have access to my personal information?

I can always change or remove my personal bank details from the websites such as Paypal or amazon, but it will still be there somewhere and i will probably end up using that website again.  Alongside the fact that someone can hack and steal all the money I own from my account, all my details such as address, name and phone number is easily accessible and since I’m already so visible on social network sites such as Facebook it wouldn’t be hard to find me from the details i have submitted on there.

So being visibly online seems great but now that we are more educated as a community we are very limited to the overall control of our own information.


Dave: dodgy caravan site 1* or Jane: great cocktails in Bora Bora 5*

Planning a holiday or any form going away is always difficult especially if it involves picky friendstrip and family. TripAdvisor is a good positive example of an online community as it









allows the audience to participate by writing a review on their experiences on restaurants, hotels and locations that they have been too. While also providing you with information, links and photos which the audience do to allow you to get more of a quick idea of the trip you could partake.

This is really useful if like me you are planning a holiday or a trip, the uses of pictures and real people sharing there experiences allows you to get a realistic approach to the experience you will most likely get. Also TripAdvisor is helpful and positive all these elements help when planning a trip away in a large group as they can get more of an idea of the location and public opinion.

One negative aspect is that TripAdvisor, is a matter of opinion and everyone has different taste and there own idea of how certain standards are meant to. So something i may count as a negative when planning a holiday such  as lack of clubs or waterspouts and post a bad review with low marks someone else might consider that to be a positive element and post positive feedback and high marks.

So, really this online community should be taken from a generalized perspective not a biased mindset.

Hit or Miss! 

  The singer takes it all first aired in the summer of 2014, and took on the challenge or competing for ratings against the shiny show of them all X factor. Although it didn’t make it to a second series it is how’re a perfect example of audience participation. 

The programme format and concept is several hopeful singing on a moving conveyer belt in the hope of the audience(via a interactive app) putting them in the golden zone, so that they win money and the crown of glory.  

I personally loved the show, I was in the comfort of my home acting as if I was Simon Cowell and fighting with my sister that she had made a bad decision voting ‘no’ for the contestant during the advert breaks. 

Overall the idea or audience participation is an important aspect of media as it encourages more people to jump in and get involved and gives the audience a sense of opinion but it can be hard to keep the interaction sustained and hence can be very hard to get right which was clearly proven by The singer takes it all.  

Harry Potter in the Muggle world!!


If any of you are on social media you may find every once in a while something Harry potter related pop up on your new feed, such as an statement made by J.K Rowling or a GIF related to the film. The main reason for this is because harry potter is part of the cultural convergences category meaning that the audience find a way to keep the topic or product alive by creating their own material based on the original format.

Pottermania is the term used to describe the Harry Potter fans, but what does it mean to be apart of one of the biggest cultural convergences?

The reason for the harry potter franchise success is because of the fans that keep the fictional harry potter world alive. How? by creating fan-fiction (fan made book adaption of original the book), creating fan sites with forums so that they can communicate with other fellow Potter fans, conventions such as leaky con and role playing games.The list is endless. Another reason for the massive fandom is to make the fictional come alive as well as making sure that the fans have somewhere and something to express their passion and their faithfulness towards the franchise which they have as a generation been brought up by.

This is further developed and encouraged by company’s such as Universal studios, creating video games, stationary, trivia games such as monopoly and the Harry Potter world that looks exactly like the movie to further encourage the culture and of course to further create and sustain money for themselves.

Overall, The Harry Potter culture is all about making the fiction come alive as well as making sure it never dies out.

Additional information about the Potter generation

YouTube the source of education

Being a TV media student you constantly have to know what new content is being put out

there, is it original?YouTube-Education (2), and what’s good about it that I may recreate the ideas from it. Using YouTube as a source I can use watch as many videos as I like for free and use the videos as an example and inspiration of how I would like certain shots or ideas to be recreated.

However, that’s not the only reason why i think YouTube is a good source for education.

YouTube helps to convey ideas more efficiently as sometimes learning by using books as a resource you can miss vital information and it can be hard to dissect the vast amount of information. For example when we were studying The history of the internet I found that hard to break down and fully understand because we all learn and absorb information differently. However using YouTube allowed me to search through the many videos where your never short of options  and understand it in a more graphic and engaging way.


What is the internet without a good browser?

The evolution of the internet and its uses I find most interesting, as I feel the overall concept and  its original use was from a political standpoint and the idea of its possibilities were not thought of. However over time its evolved to what it is today, none of that would of been made possible and so easily accessible if it wasn’t for browsing which is often overlooked.

The internet is literally the definition of evolve. Firefox browser is a prime example of that as it is opened sourced meaning that its open for improvements by budding IT developers as modifications and customisation is encouraged, Not only just to help the company but for its consumers like me and you.

That shows the internet can, will and should always be in motion of change. Throughout history its uses and purpose was for the government, then to make as much money money out of society and now firefox gives IT savvy individuals the opportunity to create apps and develop their skills while still forever changing to allow it to be better.

To me firefox has a good idea if you want something to be changed, change it yourself!

Below are just two YouTube videos briefly explaining and giving an insight into the history of the internet and the history of firefox.