Should we keep private?

Throughout the journey of understanding the media and internet, what really stood out to my interst was the debate whether we should keep private on social media or not.

I have always been one of those people who didn’t really mind what people saw and was quite neutral about the whole topic. However, reading more in depth about the disadvantages and dangers having an online profile open to everyone I completely changed my mind.

I will be focusing on the Facebook, as it’s the platform that has been online for the longest and has developed the most. Not many people realise that Facebook allows others to track whereabouts you are through the GPS unless this option is disabled. I don’t think I even have to say how dangerous that could be.

One of the big disadvantages for the future is that many employes will want to know much more about us, things that are not visible on CV. The first thing they will do is look for us on social media and see what kind of things we post etc. Even if we delete something, it is essentially there forever.




iBooks is an app which was introduced by Apple for the iOS system. At first, you had to download the app in order to use it, however when the iOS 8 was released, iBooks became part of it. After the first release in 2010, iBooks has now got a third version. You can read the text in 18 different languages and the app allows you to adjust the font and the size of the text to your preferences. I really like how you can select a word that you don’t really understand and the app will provide you with a brief description. You can do much more than with a regular print copy and access it on the go wherever you are that’s why it has been such a popular app.

In order to be able to fully access a book you have to purchase it the same way as you would pay for an app in the App Store. As well as music artists, authors need to be supported in their work. If we don’t contribute in paying for legal content, those authors will lose their popularity, as well as money and they might even be forced to stop publishing their work.

Visible online for friends

I am definitely one of those people who has a lot of information about myself on Facebook. It knows where I live, when I moved to London, where I study, where I work and worked and contact details such as mobile number and email address. Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that we use and many of us who use it set it up when we were much younger. Saying this we were not much aware of sharing our information and details and a lot of them stuck until today.

Apart from Facebook, I only use Instagram where personal information is visible and both of them are open so anyone can see the profile. This is because I am quite private when it comes managing the profile itself. I never post and don’t tend to frequently update my page with pictures therefore I don’t feel my profile should be completely private and limited to friends only.

I really like how Facebook gives you that option to manage what others tag you into. I have selected that option and whenever someone wants to tag me into something that would appear on my profile I have to accept it first.

I don’t use online dating websites or gaming etc, only platforms where I can communicate with my friends so I don’t mind being them visible.


We all have at least one favourite series that we absolutely love. There are many online communities such as fan pages or just forums dedicated to certain show series. They are extremely helpful because how many of you finished an episode and was left with a confusion. You can share not only opinions but clues to why something happened. It’s also a nice thought that you can share your interest with people that will completely understand you.

Many seasons are released every year and those sort of communities make you feel as you’re not the only person who is so excited. Also if you were left with something unresolved in the previous season it is a great platform to share your ideas to what might happen next.

Even if you’re simply looking for a new series to start, it’s quite good to read what people have to say about it so you’re not wasting your time.


YouTube would not exist or reach such a popularity if not its audience. We decide what is ‘cool’ and what isn’t by liking the videos, sharing and subscribing. So many videos would not go viral if not our participation. Does anyone remember ‘The Harlem Shake’? I personally see no point to it but it was absolutely everywhere.

I still remember watching certain channels on YouTube where the author had a couple of subscribers. Now, I go back and the numbers increased to millions. All of this is because we engage with their videos. Everyone has an opinion and if the author addresses a topic that we are interested in, it’s hard not to comment. In addition to that, if we like their point of view we might even subscribe and that’s how we participate in YouTube’s creation.

It’s incredible to think what an impact our ‘view’ on someone’s channel has. I have been watching a couple of girls on YouTube doing make-up or fashion videos and they would just do it for fun. Now some of them have their own line of clothing or make-up, a book about them has been published, they travel around the world to do campaigns.

Game Consoles


As the name simply is ‘game console’, you wouldn’t expect it to be used for anything else other than gaming. It’s not surprising anymore why the obsession with PlayStation or Xbox has been growing over the years, as it’s not just about inserting the disc of your favourite game and serving its purpose of gaming. The users can connect to the internet and play with people all around the world.

Nowadays, game consoles are considered home entertainment systems, as they are capable of playing DVD and audio. In addition to that you can browse the internet and receive digital television. The convergence of game consoles embedded the product as a central home entertainment as the users can play a range of different types of media.

The game consoles have definitely opened the market, as a person wanting to buy a blue-ray player might get PlayStation instead as it serves more than just one purpose.

It’s also really weird to think about the fact that most of the time, game consoles are not in bedrooms anymore. They are placed in the living room for the use of the whole family. Those consoles are a family possession and encourage families to invest in family games.

Internet Addiction

TEDx Talk

I think TEDx Talks are a great way of learning, not academics but things that really matter in today’s world or are simply interesting.

Today’s world is so developed and accessing the internet is extremely easy that it seems more than normal or even can be a natural habit. Do I consider myself addicted to the Internet? At first I thought ‘of course I don’t!’, but the more I thought about it, the more I started to feel like I am.

I think the main purpose of the internet is to gain information we are seeking for. Something that is worth the time spending in front of the screen. I am one of those people who is guilty of online shopping because I am too lazy to go out, constantly refreshing my Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. I even find myself planning the day according to the weather I look up online.

I have decided to share this TEDx Talk as I think it’s a subject that touches so many people, particularly us – media students. I like how Dr. Kimberly Young from the video gives such true examples of the ‘addiction’ by asking questions such as: ‘How many times you go out for a dinner and you see a couple next door to you and they are just looking at their screens and they are not talking to each other?’ We tend to be more focused on sharing the fact that we are at the dinner by taking Instagram pictures than actually enjoying a good time out.