Exists even Last.fm, not only Spotify


Last.fm is an online community founded in 2002 focused on music scrobbling and streaming. It can be considered as an ante litteram as it was and is actually incorporating a music scrobbling system that enables to create people’s personal music playlists and share them among the users.

Spotify has a close resemblance with this online community but to me is less complete as it does not give people the chance to share their own opinion as Last.fm.

This online community users have the chance to express an opinion regarding music and suggest other people what to listen to thanks to a comment system.

Moreover this suggestion system is even improved in the website itself as it automatically suggests similar artist to the ones people are listening to enabling to broaden music horizons discovering new singer/bands.

Furthermore, even radio stations from Germany, France and UK were included in this website, giving people the chance to listen to them apart from listening to single track, but unfortunately this service was closed down in 2014 in favour of scrobbling only.

I advise people to give it a try and try to use it, it is really mind opening. Do not stick only to Spotify!


Dave: dodgy caravan site 1* or Jane: great cocktails in Bora Bora 5*

Planning a holiday or any form going away is always difficult especially if it involves picky friendstrip and family. TripAdvisor is a good positive example of an online community as it









allows the audience to participate by writing a review on their experiences on restaurants, hotels and locations that they have been too. While also providing you with information, links and photos which the audience do to allow you to get more of a quick idea of the trip you could partake.

This is really useful if like me you are planning a holiday or a trip, the uses of pictures and real people sharing there experiences allows you to get a realistic approach to the experience you will most likely get. Also TripAdvisor is helpful and positive all these elements help when planning a trip away in a large group as they can get more of an idea of the location and public opinion.

One negative aspect is that TripAdvisor, is a matter of opinion and everyone has different taste and there own idea of how certain standards are meant to. So something i may count as a negative when planning a holiday such  as lack of clubs or waterspouts and post a bad review with low marks someone else might consider that to be a positive element and post positive feedback and high marks.

So, really this online community should be taken from a generalized perspective not a biased mindset.


The first online community that came into mind was Snap chat. Which I think is a perfect example of the newest form of social network, that is taken over. Especially amongst most teenagers nowadays, you can arguably say that snap chat is used more than Instagram and Facebook. IPhone was the first to create a sense of community with IPhone users, where you are able  to reveal your day-to-day lives, allowing us as non-celebrities to have our own form of a reality show on Snap chat. This created a community of trust to want to expose things we do in our every day lives.

One question that raises is, how do we benefit as participants of the Snapchat community? Well quoting David Amerland , he says that ‘social media is addictive, precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks; it gives us immediacy, direction and value as an individual’.  Another benefit is forming and building relationships though sharing your reality with others and being able to communicate with them too. However the question I have for you is whether there are disadvantages to being a participant to the Snapchat community and if there are what are they?



HitLevitt with your ideas

HitRecord is a online website where if signed up allows you to become part of a collaborate production company. Joseph Gordon Levitt, a successful hollywood actor decided to set up this online community in 2004 where by anyone could upload a creative piece of media and collab with fellow users. This is anything from music to poems to drawings. For example you can upload a script and people can make your tv series/film come to life.

This is a huge step up from social online community’s such as Facebook, i urge anyone  in the creative industry to join this creative community where projects that have seemed impossible can now be brought to life by people around the world.

Films, CD’s and even books have been published through this online community  including The Tiny Book of Stories (2010). In total there were 42 contributors.




We all have at least one favourite series that we absolutely love. There are many online communities such as fan pages or just forums dedicated to certain show series. They are extremely helpful because how many of you finished an episode and was left with a confusion. You can share not only opinions but clues to why something happened. It’s also a nice thought that you can share your interest with people that will completely understand you.

Many seasons are released every year and those sort of communities make you feel as you’re not the only person who is so excited. Also if you were left with something unresolved in the previous season it is a great platform to share your ideas to what might happen next.

Even if you’re simply looking for a new series to start, it’s quite good to read what people have to say about it so you’re not wasting your time.

Pintrest reality meets perfection

Today, the internet has numeros and very varied online communities from Facebook to Tripadvisor, all of them having the main purpose to engage people to post or interact through the  platform.

The platformthat I’m going to talk about is Pintrest a website launched in 2012 that took over the internet. It is an online community designed as a database of images that range from clothes to architecture, to DIY projects. It works like a search engine where you create your own boards and pin pictures from other users to your, you can also share them with your friends.  It is a good place to find inspiration for future projects or to use if you are interested in a certain subject.

One of the concepts that Pintrest is very famous for is the Do you it yourself projects which promote making a lot of different things by yourself , it can even be food or useful ways to create storage space. This really launched a new wave and not only in the online community because instead of just buying things from the internet or just scrolling and pinning it transposes into real life, encouraging people to do things by themselves.

I think that Pintrest is a very good online community that certainly will gain mor and more followers in the future.

Apple Support Communities

Apple Support Communities is a section of the Apple web-site which connects Apple users all over the world. Through this let’s call it ‘help engine’ you can share your problems that you are experiencing with the product you own and get troubleshoot solutions from other users.


I believe it to be quite helpful, because you are able to help other Apple users if they are experiencing a problem, you can give advice on better work with an iPhone for example etc. From personal experience I know this community to be extremely useful, because me as an Apple user have encountered several issues with my products and through ASC I have managed to fix them.

Screenshot 2016-03-02 13.47.41

Sometimes it can be tricky, because the issue you are having with your product may not be resolved by other people or you would need to contact Apple Support itself. Though this happens, it is perfect for small problems and really helpful to new users. I definitely recommend it.